The Time I Have Left

We’re finally showing The Time I Have Left to the public! While we didn’t exactly keep the game a secret for this past year, we also haven’t been heavily promoting it either. There’s so much stuff we want to show off!

The Time I Have Left is a time-driven third-person escape adventure with an RPG twist. It follows the story of Aline, a woman afflicted with a strange condition that will kill her in the next six hours, as she escapes a huge underground city known as Colony 7.

Today we’re launching our redesigned website, where you can read up some more about the game. We’re also planning to write some updates and development insights on this blog, such as an overview of the influences behind The Time I Have Left, or the tricks we used to improve the flow of combat through the AI.

If you didn’t catch our trailer on the Future Games Show, make sure to check it out on our YouTube channel!

Coinciding with all this is the launch of our Steam Page. We’ll mirror these blog posts on there as well so please make sure to wishlist & follow us on Steam!

We hope to see you around!

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