The Time I Have Left Pre-Alpha Demo Available until November 6!

Hi everyone!

We hope you had an amazing Steam Next Fest, so many great demos to play in so little time! We wish to thank everyone who played the demo for The Time I Have Left during this intense event, especially to those that have answered our survey or shared their opinions through the steam forums.

As you may have already noticed, The Time I Have Left pre-alpha demo is still available to download and play. We decided to extend the pre-alpha availability until November 6th, 2022. We’ve got a lot of feedback and we are already at work improving the game! 

Since this was an early look at the project, this demo will be no longer playable after that date. We read all the comments, so make sure to play the demo and share your thoughts with us while it’s still up! 

From now on, we will be more active in sharing regular updates and developer blog posts to keep you informed. Let us know in the comments if there’s anything about the game or its development that you would like to know more about!

And if you want to reach us directly, don’t forget to check out our Discord server!

Yite and Nitro (Ground Game Atelier)

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