The Time I Have Left


In six hours, you will be dead.
It is fated to be.
Even so, is there anything you would like to do before the end?

A woman with only 6 hours of life remaining searches for a way out of an underground city. We will follow her time-driven escape adventure, explore and uncover the secrets of a desolate complex and face grotesque visions of death in a turn-based combat system with an active twist.



The Time I Have Left is a time-driven exploration game with RPG elements and a big focus on storytelling. The player takes the role of Aline, a woman affected by a mysterious condition that marks her for certain death: The Miasma. Players will guide Aline in a race against time to escape from an enormous underground complex, Colony 7.

During her escape, Aline suffers from disturbing visions of death presented in the form of a turn-based combat system with active elements. To survive these Near-Death Experiences, the player must use all the tools at their disposal to evade these liminal creatures until they lose the will to chase her.


  • Stunning visuals: Experience the dense environments of Colony 7, all rendered in a striking style.
  • Nostalgic flair, modern spin: Find clues, solve environmental puzzles, unlock hidden areas, and secure your escape!
  • Time-driven story and gameplay: The timer is always ticking but time flows in mysterious ways… What will you do with the time you have left?
  • Haste makes waste: Your time is meant to be spent. After each level the timer will adjust to keep up with the story, so leave the area in the nick of time to get the most of each level!
  • Knowledge is power: New abilities are unlocked as you uncover clues and complete the in-game database. Get the essential skills you need by following the main story or explore in-depth to unlock 2 additional skill trees.
  • Deep, dark secrets: Use the information you gather to unlock shortcuts, hidden stories, unique items, and secrets! You may not discover them all in a single playthrough.
  • Resist the visions of death: Aline faces grotesque creatures in her Near-Death Experiences. Hold your ground against them in a battle of willpowers.
  • Reactive Turn-Based Mechanics: Time your movements well to evade directional attacks. Master your foes’ patterns to escape unharmed!
  • Adventure with an RPG twist: Experience unique exploration gameplay combined with a fresh take on the classic JRPG formula.
  • Customize your skillset: Unlock skills exploring the level and equip the ones that better suit your playstyle. The more you explore, the more tools you’ll have to face the creatures.

Fact Sheet

Title The Time I Have Left
Genre Time-driven escape adventure with RPG elements
Developer GROUND Game Atelier (Based in Barcelona, Spain)
Release date 2024
Platforms PC (Steam) / SteamDeck
Social Media
Official Site https://www.groundga.com
Copyright © 2023 Ground Atelier S.L. All Rights reserved
Contact Us contact@groundga.com

Media links

Game Logo : [Download]
Key Visuals : [Download]
Screenshots : [Download] (updated August 26th, 2023)


  • GameBCN Incubation Program (2021)
  • Epic MegaGrants recipient (2022)
  • Reveal trailer showcased at the Future Game Show (2022)
  • Part of the Catalan Arts delegation at Gamescom (2022)
  • Hamburg’s Game Conference Pitch Royal Winner (2023)
  • Epic MegaGrants recipient (2023)
  • Gameplay trailer showcased at  ‘Live at Gamescom by IGN’  (2023)


Yite (Juan Estévez)
Studio Head, Game Director, Story, Art, Music, Game Design

Elías Maidanik
Technical Lead, Gameplay, Game Design

Gabriel Serrano
Studio Management, Level Design

Helena García
3D Art


Javier Caravaca
Story, Screenwriter

Flama Studio
Graphic Design, Animation

Cecilia S.
Character Design

Ignacio Mullor
3D Art

Illustration, 3D Art

Lightbox Studio
3D Art

Christian de la Cruz



Great ideas do not expire.

We shape our work by distilling the essence of the forgotten gems that we love and bring our personal take on what a game can be, say, and mean.

Our goal is to create something special that will stick to our player’s minds.

At GROUND, we place equal value on technology and art, and strive to inspire others like we were inspired ourselves.


GROUND was formed in 2020 as an independent game development team with Yite (Creative Lead and Art Director) and Elías (Designer and Technical Director) at its core.

In January 2022, we were officially incorporated as Ground Game Atelier S.L.

In February 2023, we established our headquarters in Barcelona. Here we set up a Motion Capture studio, and began also offering our services as MoCap providers.


Yite comes from an extensive background in motion graphics, design and animation while Elías is an experienced programmer and game developer.

Helena and Gabriel joined our core team in 2023 and greatly helped us in the development of The Time I Have Left. Counting them, our core team has four members.

We are also aided by wonderful partners and collaborators who frequently provide us with their help and services. Counting them, our team grows up to nearly fifteen people, all pouring their love and passion into making something different and special.

Of course, we also have our friends and family to thank! We wouldn’t be here without them.


The Time I Have Left started as a personal project on Yite’s messy desk. It originated with the goal of telling a story taking advantage of the many layers that comprise a video game, placing equal value on all those aspects since the early concept stage.

It was conceived as a love letter to the experimental, forgotten classics of the past, and the history of the RPG and adventure genres: Its striking presentation and genre-blending approach are a testament to that.

While first reactions to the pre-production material was encouraging, it soon became apparent that the project had much more potential than what a single person could achieve, and thus the core team grew in order to fulfill those expectations. It was around that time that Yite met Elias over a cup of tea at a café in Barcelona.

From then on, the project went on, and the development team kept growing. After being part of the GameBCN’s 2021 incubation program in Barcelona and receiving an Epic MegaGrant later that year we officially incorporated as a company in early 2022 under the name of Ground Game Atelier S.L.

After the official debut of the project at the Future Games Show spring showcase in 2022; The Time I Have Left went on to be part of the Catalan Arts delegation at Gamescom’s Indie Arena Booth. A playable pre-alpha demo was later on made available at the Steam Next Fest, and later at the Indie Dev Day fair.

2023 marked the expansion of our core team and the opening of our office in the sunny city of Barcelona. With that came the essential addition of our motion capture studio, a valuable tool that we also offer to other indie studios around the world.

After receiving its second Epic MegaGrant,The Time I Have Left is steadily shaping up. We are working tirelessly to bring it to the PC in 2024!