Meet Ground’s team (Part 1)

Although more than ten people are working on The Time I Have Left, the core team that works on it at all times is composed of just four members! You may know some of us from our previous blog posts, but after an exhausting summer of events, we think it is about time that we properly introduce ourselves to all of you.


3D Artist

My name is Helena, and I am a 3D artist padawan under our director, Yite. I have always been very interested in the artistic world in general. I love music, reading, and cinema. Video games have been with me at different stages of my life since I was a little kid, and that certainly pushed me to pursue a career in the industry.

At Ground Game Atelier I have the luck to be able to wear many hats and do a little bit of everything. In The Time I Have Left, I have been working on all things 3D, especially in prop modeling for environments.


Studio Assistant, Level Design, QA

Hi everyone! I am Gabo, a Studio Assistant at Ground Game Atelier. I work with Yite on the day-to-day management of the studio. I take care of everything bureaucracy and bills, but I also manage social media and even work on level design every now and then. You could also say that I am Blobbert’s* number one fan, so if you fight against it in the game and it is wearing a pretty ribbon…that is probably on me, you are welcome!

*Blobbert is the internal nickname of the first basic enemy you find in TIHL


Founding Partner, Main Programmer, Technical Director

My name is Elías, co-founder of Ground Game Atelier and the programmer for The Time I Have Left. I am in charge of making everything move, and most likely the one to blame if anything breaks!

I take care of all technical issues, keep the documentation up to date, and work alongside Yite with the design and implementation of the many features required to make our game tick.


Studio Head and Creative Director

As the one behind the original concept and design of The Time I Have Left, I am both the head of Ground Game Atelier and the director of the game. I make sure that all the core and external members are on the same page and that development goes forward while managing the studio, talking to providers and publishers, making pitches, and all that jazz.

But I am also the type of person who wants to get their hands dirty, so I also participate actively in almost every creative aspect: from game design to art, to music…

For both the good and the bad there’s a lot of me in this project, but it’s thanks to Elías, Helena, Gabriel, and all the other members that The Time I Have Left has come this far!

We will introduce other members and collaborators of the development team in future blog posts and take a look at their work for the game, feel free to join our Discord to get in contact with us, and follow us on Twitter to keep up to date on any news!

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